Interesting Research Paper Topics In Natural Science

Students majoring in natural sciences get a lot of insight on animals, plants, and minerals and everything else present in the environment. This branch of science is more relevant than ever as advances in technology have impacted heavily on the environment. If you are taking natural science in college, you will have to write college papers to prove your understanding of concepts and phenomena in the environment.

Well, it is not an easy task because most students predisposed to sciences don’t like writing. These students like dealing with practical problems and solving them and when it comes to writing long papers, problems always arise. However, you have to write essays to demonstrate your research when you go to the field hence the emphasis on paper writing in college.

Now, essay writing doesn’t have to be such a big deal as long as you pick the best topic. The idea is to pick a topic that you have some interest in and turn it into a winning essay. This is easier said than done and most students get stuck at this point.

The following topics should get you started on your essay and you can customize them to your liking. Take a look:

  1. Discuss the Proofs and disproofs of the Big Bang Theory
  2. Is the Depletion of Ozone Layer a reality or falsification and is there empirical evidence to support your argument?
  3. Food production and storage has existed throughout human civilization. Explain ways of preserving food products throughout time and the science behind such techniques.
  4. Citing examples discuss the emergence of new science disciplines caused by the progress of existing ones
  5. What is your stand on the evolution vs. creationist theory? Can the two exist together?
  6. Using evidence, discuss Tectonic movements and show their impact over the year and how they affect the modern world as we know it
  7. Discuss the positive impact of the Kyoto Protocol and its drawbacks. Can it be salvaged to save the planet? If you don’t have time to research on this extensive topic, you can buy paper tailored to your needs.
  8. What is the impact of deep sea mining? Is there any damage to the environment and do the benefits outweigh such damage? Use evidence from today’s world.
  9. The increase in the occurrence of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis is as a result of environmental degradation. True or false? Discuss. There are many cheap papers available on this topic.
  10. Discuss the transportation of nutrients in plants.
  11. Discuss how climate changes and modern urban lifestyle affect the scenery of flora in the different ecosystems.
  12. Global warming is a scam by activists wishing to cash in on fear. What’s your take?
  13. Developed vs. developing countries; who is to blame for global warming? What’s your take on the blame game?
  14. The antioxidants debate: Can Antioxidants in preventing diseases or is a myth?
  15. The story of Monsanto: GMOs and their effects on people’s health.
  16. Is there a “gay gene” or are activists trying to justify homosexuality?

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