12 Original Term Paper Topics About Global Warming

With elections in Europe, and the American Presidential election of 2016 looming, the environment and global warming is firmly back on the agenda. Yes, while the economy and foreign policy are always going to be the big headline grabbers, the issue of climate change keeps coming back to haunt successive leaders. For example, the Green Party in the United Kingdom is currently enjoying unprecedented air time on Prime Time television.

Whatever your views on environmental issues you can write an engaging and energetic term paper. As with everything in college, the key is trying to find a different angle to your peers and presenting it in a way that grabs everyone’s attention. So, if you are struggling to come up with some original topics, here are a few suggestions to help you out:

  • Does global warming really exist? Or is it simply a conspiracy theory? Examine the evidence behind both viewpoints. Get reliable term paper help online to make sure your research will stand out.
  • The Kyoto Protocol unpicked: examine the protocol that was signed in Japan in 1997. This was seen as a landmark at the time. However, countries such as Canada have since withdrew. Are the existing signatories living up to their obligations?
  • Explore the future of environmental protection. Using existing measures as a guideline try and pinpoint where the world will be one century from now.
  • Apathy among large swathes of the general population has widely been blamed for the status quo. Does people power really work? What more can individuals and local communities do to spread the advance of global warming?
  • The doomsday scenario: explore the facts as opposed to the myths about what will really happen if the planet is allowed to continue to overheat.
  • Businesses have a right to make a profit. Should they really be held accountable and possibly forced out of business if they don’t implement environmentally friendly working practices?
  • Are so called Eco-warriors and activists, justified, misguided, or terrorists? Discuss.
  • What is the best way to educate school kids about the dangers of global warming? Will this have any impact at all in terms of reducing our carbon emissions?
  • Politicians talk tough on climate change at election time. Are their words empty? Research and cite examples of when politicians have delivered on their electoral promises with regard to climate change and the reduction of carbon emissions.
  • Explore the proven impact of global warming on human health.
  • Is saving the planet simply too expensive? With many families in Western nations feeling the economic pinch and relying on food coupons and food banks in order to survive, can we really afford to keep ploughing money into environmental protection? Can we afford NOT to?
  • Recycling. Examine ways that be making simply household efficiencies such as recycling, ordinary citizens can do their bit to save the environment.


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