5 Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics

There are many research papers that can be written on argumentative topics. Argumentative topics are topics that have two faces and equal arguments can be presented for both sides. These topics are of very much interest because contradictions are possible from both sides. These are some handpicked argumentative topics:

  • People have become overly dependent on technology
  • The people in today’s world who are totally dependent on technology is overwhelming. Electronic devices have become so advanced that people are magnetized to them instantly. In today’s era, electronic impairment freezes public and private businesses.


    Technology is dependent on humans. We create new and efficient technology that replaces the old technology. We are not dependent on technology, we are using it to simplify our lives.

  • Government and military should have a right to strike
  • Alike private employees, government employees too are workers and face grievances in their offices. Serious grievances need to be addressed through strikes. Such strikes resolve issues pending instantly and pacts are formed for the benefit of the employees.


    Public transport system, electricity distribution, municipalities and other essential organizations are handled by the government employees. If even one of the department stops functioning, the city will fall into chaos. Government employees are handsomely rewarded so that they do not instigate strikes.

  • Every civilized person should have right to carry a concealed weapon for safety
  • Any person who does not have a criminal record must be allowed to carry a concealed weapon Murderers and rapists have changed the face of society. Every single day, murders and rapes are seen printed in the papers. Non-criminal background citizens must be allowed to carry a concealed weapon to protect himself during an emergency.


    An armed weapon can tempt even the noblest person. If people are allowed to carry concealed weapons, even verbal fights could escalate into murder. The American children shootings are witness to this fact.

  • Students should not be required to take physical education classes
  • Students who are unfit or obese should not be forced to take physical education courses because the unfit students might worsen their condition and the obese students who cannot perform these exercises get demoralized.


    Physical education courses must be made compulsory because it helps the students to respect their body and maintain it by disregarding alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.

  • The terror of war has contributed to abuse of human rights
  • To counter terrorism the privacy of people on social networking sites and phones have been curtailed. During the riots, the riot police use water guns or tear gas on civilians to stop rioting. Suspects are terrorized and interrogated during war times.


    Fighting against terrorism is the primary objective of the government. Sacrificing human rights is an ignorable issue when the topic at hand is war against terrorism.

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